Brew Masters (DCL)

Every year, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware, produces over 30 different styles of beer. Sam Calagione, founder and owner of Dogfish, has been brewing cutting edge beers for over twenty years. Sam's belief in creating beer by putting anything and everything they desire into their beer is supported by their motto: ‘off centred ales for off centred people’.

But running a successful business requires inspiration. In each episode we'll follow Sam across America and around the globe as he explores new ingredients and techniques and collaborates with other craft brewers who inspire him with new ideas.

In the first episode Sony Records ask Sam and Dogfish to create a brand new beer to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Miles Davis' ground breaking jazz album,’Bitches Brew.’ The timeline to create Bitches Brew is about half what Dogfish usually needs for formulating, testing, and shipping a new beer.

Sam heads to New York City to meet with Sony Records with the idea to create a fusion beer with an Imperial stout and a light African Tej to reference a fusion of African and American influences in jazz music. Miles Davis' nephew Vince, talks about how Bitches Brew is a daring record that represents taking chances, which is ironically similar to Dogfish Head's reputation.

Will this daring brew and all the others be a success? 

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