British Treasure, American Gold

Meet the BTAG Team

Jesse McClure

Jesse McClure shot to fame as the major breakout star from addictive US reality show Storage Hunters. Jesse is a larger than life personality, whose laid back demeanor (not to mention his trademark sideburns and shades) masks an encyclopedic knowledge of even the most obscure goods’ resale value.

Growing up in Canyon County, California, he was fascinated by the resale trade from an early age and worked for his family’s antique mall.

Jesse McClure (DCL)

Matt Taylor

Starting at the ripe old age of 10, Taylor always had a passion for turning a profit. Spending much of his childhood attending car boot sales with his parents he would purchase toys and nick-naks and then make a few quid by selling them on in the school playground.

Taylor’s love for a bargain and eye for a sale continued until 8 years ago, bored in his mainstream job, he took a gamble and spent everything he had by filling his house with random auction purchases, from Tin Toys to WW2 propellers.

Fast forward 8 years and the gamble payed off. Finding a niche in the market, Taylor opened his own retro store, a haven for those who like eccentric, unusual objects and is an expert buyer of items from the quirky to the traditional, the historic to the contemporary.

Matt Taylor (DCL)

Matt Blakey

Spending his life traveling the globe with a fishing rod on his back, Blakey has honed his skills for getting where water can't.

Best described as a real life cartoon character, Blakey is unpredictable, quirky and a hunter of the most extreme life experiences.

From ex-professional rugby player and hard core surfer to the Willy Wonka of the cupcake world with a contact list that rivals the queens, Blakey has the gift of the gab and knows how to talk his way in and out of any situation, whilst his tom foolery and love of mischief get him into all sorts. Blakey lives by the life moto ‘why look at the bull in the field when you can jump on its back and ride the hell out of it!’


Matt Blakey (DCL)
Quest OD (DCL)