Cars That Rock With Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson (DCL)

Brian Johnson Biography

Brian Johnson was born on 5th October 1947 in Newcastle Upon Tyne and, since 1980, has been the lead singer of the biggest rock ’n’ roll band in the world - AC/DC

But when not touring, writing or recording for the band, AC/DC’s charismatic, iconic flat-capped front man indulges his passion for all things automotive. In his opinion, cars and Rock ’n’ Roll were made for each other – and made for him.

Car racer, collector and all-round car enthusiast, Johnson is an incurable, certifiable petrolhead. He wrote his first book Rockers and Rollers: An Automotive Autobiography in 2009 (while on the Black Ice tour with AC/DC), which begins with an early boyhood memory of his dad getting a broom and tying it to an old steering wheel, thereby turning his bed into his first car. Thus a lifelong passion took root – which has never been dimmed; not by cramped teenage fumbles in Mini’s, long drives in clapped-out, hygienically challenged tour vans,  or endless chauffeured, leather-trimmed, police escorted limos.

In fact all these motorised experiences have only flamed the fires of that passion – so much so that he now has his own stable of racing cars. Johnson currently enjoys racing  a 1965 Lola T70 MK 1,  a vintage Royale RP-4, a Pilbeam MP84 and a glorious return to the Mini – a 1968 Mini Cooper – but this time there will be no fumbling – just racing.  From Goodwood to Silverstone in the UK, from Seebring to the 24 Hour at Daytona in the US, and from Spa to Seville in Europe, you will find Brian, wearing a crash helmet now instead of the flat cap, racing his beloved cars.

His program on BBC Radio 2 showcased the music that plays best in a motorcar; his audio book of Rockers And Rollers is the only thing to listen to on a very long drive, he has written articles for Octane magazine, and of course, as every petrol head knows, he was the fastest 'star in a car' on Top Gear for 2013!

Now, he will be sharing his passion with the rest of the world as he heads full‐speed into his brand new six-part series for Quest, Cars That Rock With Brian Johnson. With his colourful sense of humour Brian will be analysing, discussing and of course driving some of the most iconic branded cars in history.