Explosion (DCL)

Confronted by raging fires, desperate criminals or unexploded bombs, only a select few will risk their lives for the sake of others. 

The George Cross is the highest award for gallantry that can be bestowed on a civilian – it is the civilian counterpart of the Victoria Cross – and is also awarded to military personnel in actions not directly facing the enemy.

This brand new series tells the extraordinary stories of those heroes and who demonstrated unimaginable courage in the face of extreme danger.

Presented by Lord Michael Ashcroft, George Cross Heroes blends eyewitness testimony, gritty reconstruction and compelling storytelling to take the viewer on a rollercoaster of suspense and jeopardy. What goes through a bomb-disposal expert’s head as he cuts a wire, knowing the wrong decision means instant death? Why does an air stewardess stay on a burning plane, helping others to escape but ignoring her own safety? This series goes to the heart of why certain people are prepared to put their lives on the line in desperate and terrifying situations. 

This four-part series tells the remarkable stories of flight attendant Barbara Harrison who gave her life saving passengers from the blazing fuselage of a crashed plane at Heathrow; Sergeant Kim Hughes who rescued many members of his patrol when they find themselves in the middle of a huge minefield; and royal protection officer James Beaton who helped foil a deranged gunman’s attempt to kidnap Princess Anne.