Jodie Marsh On...

Jodie Marsh joins Quest Red this May with four controversial documentaries, covering hard-hitting topics: mail order brides, extreme plastic surgery, the growing phenomenon of women paying for pleasure and women who sell their bodies.

In Jodie Marsh On…Mail Order Brides, Jodie meets the people who are turning to an international dating agency to find love and speaks to those who say they are living proof that the mail order bride system works.

In Jodie Marsh On…The Game, Jodie will investigate where the wider public draws the line on people selling their bodies, and looks at how attitudes towards the world’s oldest profession have changed over time.

In Jodie Marsh On…Women Who Pay for Sex she'll meet male escorts, gigolos and the women who are forgoing dating and relationships for an evening with a professional lover.

Finally, in Jodie Marsh On... Plastic Surgery, Jodie explores what is motivating an increasing number of people to go under the knife, and why so many of them are now looking to reverse their surgery.

Catch the series on Wednesdays from 17th May at 10pm.