Meet the Orangutans

Meet the Orangutans (DCL)

Meet the Orangutans, is a window into the extraordinary daily drama at the world’s first-ever Orangutan Sanctuary where over thirty orphaned ginger terrors rule the roost.

Led Sue Sheward, a dedicated team of vets, nurses, rangers and volunteers has just one aim: to return their endangered young charges to the wild. But before they can do that, they need to complete up to seven years of Forest School – learning all the skills they would have learned from their mothers: what to eat, how to socialise, nest-building and, most crucially for an ape that spends 90% of its life in the trees, how to climb.

From lusty liaisons, to triumphs over adversity, to touching friendships and troublesome teenagers, Meet the Orangutans, is a raucous romp through life at the Sepilok Centre, where the guests find endless opportunities for making mischief and show just how similar they are to their human cousins.

Fall in love with Meet the Orangutans on Sundays from 30th April at 7pm.