Pursuit (DCL)

Quest is delighted to welcome new addition, Pursuit, to our fishing line up. 

Presented over the course of an hour, Pursuit is where angling meets outdoor lifestyle and the pursuit of adventure.

It’s brought to you by the producers of Mr Crabtree, Lester Holcombe and presented by Angler’s Mail famed magazine columnist John Bailey.

John Bailey is one of Europe's best known fishermen, and has not only starred in numerous angling films and TV show, but has also written over 50 books on the topic! His book “The Fishing Detective” was the inspiration behind the popular BBC series Tales from the Riverbank.

On being a part of Pursuit, he said “…this series has given me a chance to share some angling adventures with good friends, to have some fun, capture the camaraderie and to share some great fishing experiences with the viewers.”

Pursuit is about passion, camaraderie, fishing with family and mates, sharing experiences, being outdoors, and enjoying the sport. Each episode is a window to a new location, experience and story.

From Lac du Peupliers, Planchette, and Puyruvaud in the South of France, to the Test and the Wensum in the UK, to the tranquil lochs and lakes of Ireland; this show travels everywhere is search of fishing adventures.

We see how fishing is a rite of passage for young boys; how a father-son duo bond over the sport, and how old friends get a chance to catch up over fishing. Plus, with top tips and advice for anglers, as well as those wanting to give the sport a go, this show is the complete package.

Season Two of Pursuit will be released this summer, and will exclusively be shown at Quest from Saturday 11th June at 9am.

Pursuit producer and director Lester Holcombe told Angler’s Mail: “Discovery were the first channel to really bring angling back to our TV screens. We are very excited that these great shows will now be available to the greatest possible audience base.”

Watch Pursuit from Sundays 30th April at 9am and repeated at 7am on Wednesdays only on Quest. 

Freeview and YouView 37, Sky 144, Virgin 172

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