Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour

Jo Frost (DCL)

Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour 

Having helped parents in need across the globe, Jo Frost is now on a mission to save America's families one community at a time.

Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour sees the world renowned child expert travel to a new city each week to work with a family in need of her no-nonsense and caring approach to child-rearing.

Before she arrives, Jo will monitor each family using surveillance cameras from her mobile office to pinpoint the child-related challenges, before entering the homes to restore the family balance.

From terrible twos and refusing to sleep to enforcing house laws, Jo gives the parents - and the surrounding communities - the practical tools they need to maintain a home sweet home. "I'm very passionate." says Jo. "I want to be able to help the families. I want them to feel good in their journey."

Join Jo on her journey across America on Wednesdays 15th March at 9pm on Quest Red.