Vogue Williams Investigates

Vogue Williams Investigates (DCL)

Vogue Williams Investigates

What lengths will people go to be ‘body beautiful’?

That's just one of the questions Vogue Williams poses in this fascinating series of Vogue Williams Investigates tackling everything from online trolling to extreme fitness.

Each special tackles a different issue affecting her own Millennial Generation, starting with the story of Jack, a 26-year-old transman reaching the later stages of his transition as he deals with changes to his body triggered by testosterone treatment whilst preparing for his first major surgery - a hysterectomy.

Her investigation into over-exercising and steroid abuse sees Vogue challenge herself to compete in the 'Bikini Athletics' category of one of Europe's fiercest body fitness competitions - but can she reach the required level of just 8% body fat?

Finally, Vogue shines a light on the realworld impact of online bullying, grooming, phishing, catfishing and scamming.

You can watch Vogue Williams Investigates at 10pm on Wednesdays from 15th March, only on Quest Red.