Salvage Hunters: Best Buys

Get ready for the crème de la crème of Salvage Hunters, this is Salvage Hunters: Best Buys!

Drew will be looking back at some of his favourite characters, restorations, items and hunting grounds.

Characters from the series have ranged from the flamboyant to the crafty to the downright eccentric! Drew will reveal how he deals with their quirks in his quest to get the very best objects.

We will also look at some of the ace hunting grounds he’s visited to buy the very best antiques for his showroom in Conwy and he will give out tips on where to go and how to find the most rewarding locations when searching for antiques.

Our favourite Salvage Hunter looks back at his best haggles and the tactics astutely employed depending on who he is buying from!

So get ready to re-live some all time classic  TV moments in - Salvage Hunters: Best Buys. #SalvageHunters #BestBuys