Doomsday: World War One

German soldiers in the trenches ready to fire

One of the deadliest conflicts in history, World War One was supposed to be over by Christmas but lasted four years.

August 1914 marked the beginning of the hostilities, as five major imperial powers across continental Europe mobilised their armies to embark on a new era of automated fighting; resulting in killing en masse and carnage on a scale never before seen.

But how did it all start? Who were the key figures and what were their strategic decisions that led to their success or demise? And what about life for the millions of soldiers on the front line?

Using carefully restored and colourised archive material, combined with re-enactments and personal testimonies, Doomsday: World War 1 presents the facts, going back in time to portray individual fates and the stories of the men behind the bigger picture of what came to be known as The Great War.

Watch Doomsday: World War 1. Starting 24th January, 9pm only on Quest.

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