Salvage Hunters: Series 4

Drew and Tee come out with some gems
Drew inspects a potential buy
Drew and Tee are ready for business

Modern day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard is one of the UK's top decorative antique dealers. Always on the hunt for that elusive gem, Drew travels the length and breadth of the country in search of weird and wonderful objects. The bigger the hoard of forgotten antiques and dusty furniture, the happier Drew is!

And with a host of clients from all walks of life - from royalty to Hollywood stars, as well as a dedicated area in London's luxury department store, Liberty, to keep stocked - Drew's work is never done. Having unearthed rarities like a genuine 19th century William Morris collection of stained glass worth over £100,000 in the past, what elusive treasures will he discover in this brand new series?

Salvage Hunters follows Drew as he criss-crosses the country to search for derelict gems that can be given a new lease of life back at his antiques yard with the help of wife Rebecca, sidekick Tee and his team of renovators, wood carvers, upholsterers and guilders.

In this brand new series, Drew and the team travel to a pub in Staffordshire and encounter an electro-convulsive therapy machine; head to an antiques shop in Hull which holds of host of surprises including a 1950s child's barbershop chair; and trek all the way to Margate for an 1980s architect's chair.

Building on a childhood love of visiting car scrapyards to unearth rare and beautiful items, Drew has turned his lifelong passion into a thriving international business enterprise. Over 20 years of business, Drew and his specialist team of experts have restored an incredibly diverse range of items, from fireplaces, doors, lighting and garden ornaments, to cars, paintings, jewellery and wooden artefacts.

Salvage Hunters airs on Quest from Wednesday 16th April at 9pm. Find out where you can watch it.

Drew and Tee take in the grandeur of Lancing College

Drew and Tee take in the grandeur of Lancing College