The World’s Biggest Ship

World's Largest Ship

The World's Biggest Ship is being built in a shipyard in South Korea by Maersk Line - the first 400-metre long Triple-E container vessel - and we've filmed every stage of construction from design to maiden voyage.

With exclusive shots documenting each landmark of this record-breaking build - from the design of the vessel's unique hull to the construction of the Triple-E's enormous engines and propellers - viewers will have unprecedented step-by-step access to this historical mammoth construction.

As well as the build, you'll see behind-the-scenes coverage of the ship's naming ceremony and maiden voyage on the Asia-Europe route. But alongside the engineering feats, we will also focuses on the human side of the Triple-E's development, zooming in on the lives of the people involved with the ship including the naval architect, members of the site team supervising the build and the Captain as he trains for his new role and eventually sails the first Triple-E on its maiden voyage.

To watch a time-lapse video of the first Triple-E being built, visit the website