Storage Wars Canada

Storage Wars Canada (DCL)

Following four teams of bidders looking to score big, ‘Storage Wars Canada’ is a modern day treasure hunt, chronicling the professional lives of Roy Dirnbeck – “The Instigator”, Cindy Hayden and Rick Coffill – “The Veterans”, Ursula Stolf – “The Knock Out”, and father-and-son duo Paul and Bogart Kenny – “High Roller and The Kid.”

Armed with an expert eye, and a unique instinct, the bidders use their combined knowledge, expertise, and wit to outbid one another and score big. With five minutes to scope out the contents of a storage unit before it is auctioned off, second generation auctioneer, Don Reinhart keeps the bidders in line.

Looking for clues as to what’s packed away in boxes, the winner of the unit could walk away with a locker full of trash, or treasure. The fangs come out as the bidders do whatever it takes to win.

Watch Storage Wars Canada on Wednesdays at 10pm.

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