In Alaska, everyday tasks often become extraordinary challenges. With the help of colossal equipment and machines, residents are able to not only endure, but thrive among the sub-zero temperatures, steep terrain and ice.

Brand new series Alaska Mega Machines explores some of the biggest machines on earth in the largest, most picturesque state in the USA. Each episode will explore how they're engineered, what features they have to withstand the harsh Alaskan weather and terrain, and why they're essential to modern life in the Last Frontier.

The series kicks off on the remote island of Sitka, where Alaskan engineers construct a gargantuan dam to power the entire town. Ride shotgun on a dangerous mission on the world's largest helicopters, and Alaska's biggest boat lift hauls a 400-ton fishing ship in high winds.

You haven’t seen Alaska until you’ve seen the machines that keep it running!

Alaska Mega Machines premiered on Quest in February 2018