Knocking down houses is only part of the incredible world of Australia’s doyenne of demolition, Lawrie Voutier. The bold and brash junk-man has a talent for making big money just about anywhere, anytime and from anyone.

This series follows Lawrie and his demolition crew of misfits as they haggle their way to riches. Coming up, the junk expert struggles to move a heavy piano from the second storey of a house and later, hunts for treasure whilst clearing out a friend’s property. Meanwhile, right-hand man Benny unearths rare red stained glass in an old Victorian cottage and Jabba starts a big job demolishing a restaurant.

From salvaging old windows and copper to selling the rarest antique treasures, Lawrie can out-deal and out-demolish any of the competitors he meets along the way!

Demolition Man premiered on Quest in February 2018.