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Where do I find information about Quest/Quest Red programmes?
Our website has the latest information and is the best place to start. Use the menu to find your programme.

When will a programme be on TV?
TV schedules are finalised two weeks before transmission. For the latest information visit the TV Listings page or your TV EPG. Your show may also be available On Demand 7 days after it's last broadcast.

What are your TV channel numbers?
All our channel numbers are listed on our Find Us page. 

Is Quest on Social Media?
You can find our facebook group at
Twitter at
YouTube at

Is Quest Red on Social Media?
You can find our facebook group at
Twitter at

I've got an idea for a programme, who do I contact?
We only accept proposals from TV production companies. If you have an idea for a programme you should research which production companies have worked on similar projects and submit a proposal to them directly. PACT (Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television) has a directory of production companies. If you are from a production company please login via theProducers Portal; (Registration needed.)

I am a journalist and want information. Who do I contact?
For media enquiries please visit the press website. (Registration is needed).

Who owns Quest?
Quest is one of the family of educational and entertainment-oriented sites brought to you by Discovery Networks International. To find out about Discovery, its management team and portfolio of channels please visit the corporate website.

How do I make a complaint about an advert on your channel?
Adverts broadcast have been cleared for transmission by Clearcast. If you have a complaint about an advertisement this should be directed to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) who will investigate. If your complaint is about a programme trailer please use the contact us link and we will ensure it is passed on to the department responsible for investigation.

How can I advertise on your website or TV channel?
We offer a variety of advertising opportunities on our websites and television channels as well as larger integration possibilities with our content. To learn more about commercial opportunities and how your brand can work with us please use the contact us link.

How do I comment on one of your shows?
Quest welcomes all feedback from our viewers. If you wish to comment on our programmes or channel please visit the contact us page and follow the prompts so we can direct your comment to the appropriate department. 

On Demand

What is Quest On Demand?
Quest On Demand is a catch-up service which is available on the internet. Selected shows will become available after they have been broadcast on TV and will be available to watch 24/7 for a week after their last broadcast.

What can I watch on Quest On Demand?
You can watch full length episodes just after they have been broadcast on the Quest TV channel.

Where can I watch Quest On Demand?
You can watch episodes at

Do I need to register to watch?
No you do not need to register any details to watch.

Does Quest On Demand have advertising?
Yes the service comes with adverts.

When do episodes become available for catch-up?
Episodes that are eligible for catch-up will become available as soon as they have finished broadcasting on the TV channel.

Are all shows available for catch-up?
We are not able to make all shows available for catch-up for a number of reasons including rights issues. The number of available shows is increasing all the time.

How long will episodes be available for catch-up?
Every episode will be available for 7 days after it was last shown on TV.

Are your catch-up shows suitable for all?
Most of our shows are suitable for everyone. If we do show any post watershed content we will provide a warning message and you must certify that you are of a suitable age to watch the content.

Where are the Terms & Conditions of the service?
You can find the Terms & Conditions here.

How to watch

How can I watch Quest On Demand on my TV?
You can watch if you have a browser enabled TV or alternatively connect your computer or laptop to the TV. All you need is the right cable. Plug one end in your laptop or computer and the other straight into your TV.

How can I watch Quest On Demand on my computer?
You can watch videos by visiting and going to the Catch-Up Section.

Can I pause, stop, re-wind through videos?
When watching a video you can click on the player’s timeline and you will be taken to that point in the video. When your cursor moves over the screen, a control bar will appear at the bottom of the player. To move forward and backwards during an episode you can move the time indicator on the slider. The player controls are hidden during playback. To make them re-appear at any time, you can simply move your mouse.

Can I download programmes to watch off-line?
No videos are available for streaming only so cannot be downloaded.




What are the system requirements for Quest On Demand?
You will need a desktop or mobile device to watch the show videos. Following are the list of system requirements…

Desktop: A PC with Windows (XP SP2 or later) or a MAC (with OS x 10.5.7 or higher) with a latest browser.

Browsers: Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (version 10 or above) and Safari (for Mac). Opera is not supported.

Mobile: Andriod phones/tablets with Jelly Bean or a higher version OS. iPhone/iPad with iOS 7 or higher.

What type of internet connection is needed to watch Quest On Demand?
You would need minimum of 3G connection to watch videos. A broadband connection is preferred.

Please consider that actual connection speeds may be lower than the value advertised by your service provider. If there is traffic on your connection the bandwidth available for Quest On Demand may be lower than the actual connection speed. If you have a connection slower than 2Mbit/sec you may see a lower quality version of the video.
You can test your internet connection speed on

Please note that you are responsible for any costs that your operator may charge you for data usage. Viewing the Quest On Demand service via a Mobile network may be less reliable than via a broadband internet connection and may incur in higher charges from your Mobile Network service provider.

How do I access Quest On Demand from my mobile device/tablet?
You can access the website from your browser and stream full episodes on mobile devices.

Can I watch Quest On Demand outside of the UK?
No, this service is restricted to use in the UK.

My issue is not covered here, how can I get extra support? 
You can send us your questions via the website -


Contact us

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