#CrimeTime on Quest Red

Spend your Saturday nights this March with some of the evilest people in British history, as Quest Red hosts Crime Time. Explore what drew Fred and Rose West to abduct and murder so many vulnerable women in Fred and Rose: The West Murders. Terrifying gangland duo, the Kray twins, were finally imprisoned, but they continued to capture public imagination –uncover the rest of their story in The Krays: Prison Years. British crime season could not be complete without an exploration of the most infamous killer in the world in a mini-series starring Michael Cane and Jane Seymour –Cold Case: Jack the Ripper. Also, catch the most thrilling episodes from some of our most popular crimes shows, including Faking It: Tears of a Crime, Britain's Deadliest Lovers, and British Police Murdered on Duty.

Britain's Deadliest Lovers

From 24th February at 9pm

The destructive capacity of love is all too real in these stories of fatal attractions, featuring reconstructions and interviews with families of both the victims and the killers. With stories such as Colin Howell and Hazell Buchanan, Asher Maslin, Caraol Croydon, Kevin Nunn, Stephen Barnsdale Quean and Hugo Quintas.

Faking It: Tears of a Crime

From 24th February at 10pm

In the age of 24-hour news and social media, the spotlight on crime has never been so fierce, but detection techniques continue to evolve and this series joins a panel of experts in psychology, body language and linguistics as they interrogate these criminal cases, revealing the tiny mistakes made by criminals trying, often very publicly, to hide their guilt. They may have cried for the cameras and lied to the public, but they didn’t get away with it.

Fred and Rose: The West Murders

From 31st March at 10pm

The amazing secret archive of serial killers Fred and Rose West reveals the inner workings of the couple accused of Britain’s most shocking murderous sex crimes. Police tapes, never disclosed at the time, reveal how Fred West had begun a series of shocking confessions after the severed corpse of his teenage daughter, Heather, was found under the patio of their Cromwell Street home. West’s seemingly normal home movies record how he turned the family home into a brothel for his wife Rose, as his children played downstairs. And West’s solicitor, Howard Ogden, tells how police used West’s belief that the ghosts of those he murdered had come to haunt him in a desperate bid to find the last bodies in Cromwell Street. Step into the disturbing and macabre world that lay behind some of the most horrifying crimes ever committed.

The Suffolk Strangler

3rd March at 11pm

Uncover the secrets of the Suffolk strangler, as Quest Red brings you into the chilling case that shocked the world. The Ipswich serial murders took place between 30 October and 10 December 2006 when the bodies of five murdered women were discovered at different locations near Ipswich, Suffolk, England. All of the victims where prostitutes who worked in the area. Their bodies were discovered naked, but there were no signs of sexual assault. The hunt was on. DNA evidence found at the crime scenes was linked to Steven Gerald James Wright, 48 at the time. He was arrested, charged and convicted of all five murders.

Cumbrian Murders

10th March at 11pm

Denis Neilson

17th March at 11pm

Krays Prison Years

24th March at 11pm

Cold Case: Jack the Ripper

31st March at 11pm