Larger  than  life  partners  in  fashion,  Jo  Cooke  and  Alison  Law,  have  transformed wedding dress shopping for big brides to be. Their boutique, tucked away in rural Essex, is a paradise for curvy  brides - offering  them  the  chance  to  feel  amazing  on  the  inside, as  well  as  look incredible on the outside.

Just two weeks away from her wedding day, Lisa returns to the boutique try on her gown again. Will she still love it, six months after choosing it?

Charlotte is extremely critical of her size 20 figure, but fiancé Nick wouldn’t change a thing. With dress shopping a demoralising experience she’s ready to find the perfect fit.

And, Emma is determined to find a dress with sleeves, but will her entourage agree?

With both empathy and fashionable flair Jo and Alison help even the most body-conscious bride looking and feeling like a princess.

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