This heart-warming series follows the work of Cape Town's SANCCOB Seabird Hospital, where a passionate team are battling to save precious penguin lives.

The dedicated team of vets and volunteers work around the clock to rescue and treat around 1500 African penguins each year – and there’s never a quiet day in the home of the Western Cape’s noisiest inhabitants! Each and every bird that comes through the doors is a very special character with their own unique story to tell, both heart-warming and heart-breaking.

Little Slippy is just a few months old and is brought into SANCCOB with oil contamination – can staff beat the clock to get him clean? Crabby, the centre’s grumpiest penguin, meets a new arrival that melts his icy heart; and one-eyed penguin Edgar is desperate to please his young trophy wife with the tastiest morsels from the fish bucket. From battling to save a vulnerable chick to putting a portly penguin on a strict diet, the action doesn’t stop for these very special birds!

Watch Meet The Penguins Sundays at 8pm from 11th March