Modern day treasure hunter, Drew Pritchard is one of Britain’s leading architectural salvage dealers, travelling the length and breadth of the country in search of weird and wonderful objects.

Drew loves the thrill of the hunt and while he gets his hands dirty in the country’s architectural backwaters, a crack team of restorers are back at base giving old and rare finds a new lease of life. We’ve seen them at work on Salvage Hunters, restoring, repairing and refining Drew’s finds but for the first time, SALVAGE HUNTERS: THE RESTORERS is going behind-the-scenes with this expert team to see what it really takes to transform junk into gems.

The brand-new series is packed with process, craftsmanship and expert techniques, as it follows the skilled restorers working at Drew’s base in Conwy, and travels to specialist artisans - from blacksmiths to gilders and electricians to sculptors – who will each demonstrate their unique skillsets.

In each episode, Drew hands over the neglected items to Rebecca who oversees the expert team whilst also delving into the rich history of each piece, exploring how it was originally made, where the materials came from, and why it became the must-have object of its time.

Follow the team as they lovingly restore a huge variety of objects; from a set of Apothecary drawers and a 1930s electrical light; to an original Louis Vuitton Trunk and a model of the iconic Steamboat Willie.

Drew’s team of restoration experts include:

• ALEX WEBSTER – FRENCH POLISHER: In an average week, he restores 8 pieces of furniture, from grandfather clocks and bookcases to a priceless, Georgian mirror or classic car interior wood panel.

• CRAIG HUGHES – UPHOLSTERER: Craig is Drew’s go-to upholsterer. He works on everything from antique recliners and library chairs to vintage motorcycle seats and retro leather sofas.

• CARL BOUVERIE-BRINE – ELECTRICIAN: Carl handles all the electrical work for Drew. He learnt his trade as a Royal Engineer. He’s also the general Mr. Fix-It who can turn his hand to wood, metal and plastic.

• GAVIN BARTLETT – RESTORER: Gavin is Drew’s general helper at his Conwy base. Largely self-taught he now specialises in furniture refinishing and colour matching.

• NICK ELPHICK – SCULPTOR & ARTIST: North Wales-based artist Nick has spent the best part of the past fifteen years working as a sculptor gaining headlines and global recognition for his beautifully crafted bronzes.

• JOLENE FARMER – LIGHTING RESTORER: Jolene specialises in the restoration of decorative finishes, oil and water gilding, metal work and the wiring of lighting. Her impressive list of clients include dealers, interior designers and private commissions.

Salvage Hunters: The Restorers will return in August.