Wheeler Dealers Season 11

Join veteran car dealer Mike Brewer and top mechanic Edd China as they embark on a mission to save a variety of outstanding classic cars from the scrap yard.

Follow motor mad Mike as he searches far and wide in his quest to find iconic vehicles that expert mechanic Edd can transform, before setting out to sell them for a profit. As Edd gets stuck in back at the garage, Mike sets off on his travels, searching for the ultimate deals.

Some of the classic cars snapped up by Mike this series include a Jaguar XJC, VW Split Screen and BMW Z1. Along the way there’ll be top tips for buying and selling, advice on where to find the best deals on parts, trips to see specialist repair processes, plus loads of in-depth mechanical know how. Join these motoring maestros for all the triumphs and trials of their latest restoration challenges as they bring some spectacular old classics back to life.

New Wheeler Dealers will be coming to Quest in 2018.